The Skye Project (2006-2008)          

In December 2005, in NW Portland, Oregon, a single video came into existence, entitled, Paper Dress.
In 2006, a collaboration formed with Erica Schreiner and Christopher Tenzis and in 2007 the decision was made to move the project online. The Skye Project was able to thrive because of audience participation, and all the creative output was centralized on MySpace and Youtube. Because of free, web outlets that allowed web coding and blogging, Skye was able to maintain blogs, photo-blogs, videos, interviews and audience comments in one place.
Eventually Skye got her very own website:, which served to further audience participation and also worked as a platform to publish feedback. Skye started doing live performances, and soon a project that was initially intended to stay inside Skye’s apartment, was all over the city of Portland. Soon, there was a poster champagne of brightly colored posters, stapled to every telephone pole in town, reading “Where’s Skye?” with a picture of Skye, hiding her face.
The best way to learn what The Skye Project is all about is by getting to know Skye.


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