Artist Statement

Curriculum Vitæ

Erica Schreiner is an interdisciplinary artist, pushing the boundaries of video and performance. She’s based in New York City. Erica shoots on VHS, while simultaneously performing before the camera. She creates experimental, surreal, ethereal, feminist video art that combines anarchistic themes, ritual, feminine sensuality and sorcery. 

Manipulating existing objects, or building entire sets in which to perform in and film, Erica creates magical, intimate worlds on VHS video, employing her own unique and clearly defined style. 

From Oregon, Erica received a BS in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Portland. Later in New York, she attended the School of Visual Arts Lens and Screen Art’s Residency Program, and went on to study performance art under the direction of Marina Abramović at MoMA PS1, where Marina Abramović, Erica Schreiner, and 11 other artists performed together.

Erica Schreiner has completed more than 91 performative video art pieces, including Satori, a feature length art film that she filmed, performed, wrote and edited over the course of two years.

Erica has created video art music videos for: Soft Metals, Reba Hasko, JF Robitaille, The Crash Engine, Fierro Ex Machina, and The Johns, The Grasping Straws, and Toby Goodshank. 

Erica’s work has shown in many galleries and film festivals, including The Bill Hodges Gallery in NYC, Nick Knight's SHOWstudio in London, The Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, The Olympia Film Festival, and The Berlin Underground Film Festival.

Erica published two books of short stories under her label, Analog Cinema. Hellos & Goodbyes (2009) and Arrows (2015) Illustrated by Nyssa Frank. In 2018, Blue Pear Projects released a book of her poetry entitled: The Plastic Sea. Her novella, The Greatest History of Life was released in 2019 with Mad Gleam Press.

In addition, Erica has been a vital member of the performance and poetry communities in NYC. She hosted and ran Living Volume, an open mic in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood. She is also founder and director of Marietta Magazine, a printed periodical that explores and documents experimental video and performance art. In 2019, she ran The Analog Cinema, an underground performance venue. She is currently working on The Special People, her second feature film.
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