Artist Statement

I make experimental, feminist video art. I film on a VHS camera while performing before the camera. I invent worlds that are ethereal, sensual and ritualistic. I combine video art and performance art, to tell stories using symbols and allegory. 

Usually without dialog, my visual language is constructed from carefully studied symbols like butterflies, fruit, flowers, eggs and personal objects, which experience a metamorphosis. These objects get destroyed by fire, knives, hammers, the tearing of their specific flesh, nails, forks, teeth, drowning, mutilated to later find themselves resurrected as a changed thing.

I reflect on experiences of a traumatized childhood, concepts of god, the need to return to nature, and love. I investigate my feminism through the exploration of the many women who exist within one.

Influenced by Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, the Riot Grrrl music movement and auteur cinema, I found my personal aesthetic through shooting on a VHS camera in my bedroom alone. I explore performance as a medium specifically when a live audience is not present, but treated cinematically, through the process of editing and playback.




Select interviews:

with Sergio Satélite at Bowery Poetry Club, 2019 

with Matthew Silver, 2019

Radio Free Brooklyn, 2019

Fixe Magazine, 2012

Art Hash, 2010