written by Erica Schreiner + illustrated by Nyssa Frank




"Arrows is a deeply personal book of poetry and short stories that demonstrate themes of love, loss, death, technology, the meaning of life, and the artist's experience. Interwoven visuals illustrate the writing and illuminate the unwritable."

The 11 short stories encompass themes including the mystical world, Source, the Universe, quest for meaning, love, death, severing and growth. 

Each story has an interpretive, complex and original drawing created by artist, performer, and owner of The Living Gallery, Nyssa Frank (www.nyssafrank.com).

Arrows, literally and symbolically, is a theme shared throughout the writing and depicted in the illustrations. Thick with metaphor, at times, characters in the stories, remove their arrows and shoot them into the sky, or lay them out in a row in representation of love and vulnerability. One story in particular can be accurately summed up by its title, “I am a Woman with Horse Legs, Awkwardly Carrying my Bow and Arrow.” Additionally, Nyssa and Erica are both Sagittarius, astrologically represented by the archer.


"Set my wings on fire." - page 90