abbreviated project list // click titles for more

We Are the Seams of Everything (2016/Full colour poem book with original piantings to accompnay verse)


Arrows (2015/Collaborative book project written by Erica Schreiner, illustrated by Nyssa Frank)


Satori (2015/feature film)


Personal Image Catalog/analogcinema Tumblr blog (2011-present/primarily a collection of working video stills posted before a video is complete)


SHOWstudio Tumblr Curation (August 1-7, 2013/ curation of SHOWstudio blog along with original 7-part video: Fractured, created special for curation)


The Disorders Series (2011/collection of 5 videos, each based on different psychological disorders)


Hellos & Goodbyes (2009/first collection of short stories)


The Skye Project (2006-2008/ first video & performance project)

Luminous Magazine