Artist Statement

I shun the cultural obsession with new technology, the accompanying devices, internet "connection", and consumer hypnosis. I combat this by utilizing outdated VHS technology to create avant-garde works of video art that play in a symbolic, ethereal, surreal and deeply personal realm. It's also important to me to create work that is not elitist, utilizing available resources. (Everything can be used to make art. Anyone can make art.)

I'm the subject, performing before the VHS camera in my silent works of video art, exploring what it means to be a human being, what it means to have a body, to be alive, and to know we are destined to die. I explore themes of loneliness, mental disorders, disconnect, the quest for enlightenment, the artist's experience, love, and loss. 

I write prose, poetry and short stories in which I verbalize the above themes though original and poetic language. I regularly perform my writing on stage and I love it. I love creating deeply personal and meaningful work and sharing it with the world. Performing before the microphone is also an important aspect of the work. To confront and declare my truths to a public. 

Some of my inspirations are Andy Warhol, Johnathan Caouette, Henry Miller, Vera Chytilova, the French New Wave filmmakers of the 1960s, John Cassavetes, Maya Deren, DIY culture and the Riot Grrrl movement. 

It's also important to me to be the subject of my own work as the act of cataloging a life, the act of becoming the art itself. As the body of work grows, each piece becomes necessary for each consecutive piece and could not exist without the whole. They're meant to be absorbed as an ongoing and living retrospective.