Artist Statement

I make experimental, allegorical, video art pieces in which I also perform. In these films I invent imaginary worlds that are ethereal and disturbing, combining anarchistic themes and feminine sensuality.

Sometimes without dialog, my visual language is constructed from carefully studied symbols like butterflies, fruit, flowers, eggs and personal objects, which endure a process of destruction and resurrection. These objects get destroyed by fire, knives, hammers, the tearing of their specific flesh, nails, forks, teeth, drowning, mutilated to later find themselves resurrected as a changed thing or remain in fragments.

Reflecting on experiences of a traumatized childhood, concepts of god, the need to return to nature, loss of love, and love, I invite the viewer into my private world of magical realism. This is a world where I am simultaneously the story and the storyteller; simultaneously humorous and very authentic.

Influenced by Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, the Riot Grrrl music movement and auteur cinema, I found my personal aesthetic through sophisticated treatment of shooting on a VHS camera in my bedroom alone. In my earliest video art (The Skye Project), my character Skye is often dressed up without any intention of leaving her room (reclusive femininity). I've always had a fascination with performance as a medium specifically when a live audience is not present and what it means to perform for oneself. I also enjoy treating each frame as a moving painting, instilling intimacy and specificity into each composition.


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